Bringing your pet

It is possible to bring your pets from overseas, however, please bear in mind that some animals may require quarantine for several months prior to import to the UK. Check the rules about any pets you might want to bring as early as possible, to make sure that you can meet any requirements regarding microchipping, vaccinations, pet passports, and quarantine. 

All pets will require an international pet passport. Please check the Pets Travel Scheme (PETS) for more information on this.

See government guidance about travelling to the UK with pets.

AirPets International also offers information and services for relocating pets worldwide.

Please note that animals are not permitted in any indoor University spaces, including any graduate accommodation owned by the University, unless they are assistance dogs as defined in the Equality Act 2010. Please contact the Disability Advice Service for assistance or advice on this.

Pet-friendly rentals

Pets are not always allowed in rental properties. In particular, colleges do not usually allow pets in student accommodation (except for assistance dogs as defined in the Equality Act 2010) - please check in advance if this is a particular issue for you.

Makeurmove and Mitula are dedicated pet-friendly property rental sites, which will help you locate properties for rent with landlords who welcome pets. You can find more information on how to find a pet-friendly landlord at Lets with Pets.

It should also be noted that some landlords may be open to negotiation about allowing pets in their properties. Normally, where an agreement is reached it is subject to a higher deposit and payment for carpet cleaning at the end of the tenancy. It is always worth speaking with the landlord or letting agent about this possibility.


Did you know?

King Alfred the Great was so grateful to the Freemen of Oxford for their defence of the realm against marauding Danes in the 10th century that he granted them free grazing rights on Port Meadow, a 120 hectare stretch of land next to the River Thames in Oxford, as recorded in the Domesday Book in 1086 and continuing to this day. Portmeadow is a wonderful place for strolling with your dog.


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