Oxford has an excellent bus network. Oxontime provides real-time information, so you can check your bus is on time before you leave home or work. If you use a bus after 7pm, especially the Park and Ride buses, check if they ‘stop on request’, which means that they will stop at bus stops not served in the daytime.

Tickets and passes

You must buy a ticket (by cash or contactless card payment) or show a pass when you get on the bus. It is usually cheaper to buy a return than two single (one-way) tickets. Children under the age of five travel free on all Oxford buses within the city and to London, and children aged 5-16 pay a reduced fare.

You can purchase group tickets, day tickets (usually valid for a particular zone) and weekly, monthly, annual or multi-trip passes. Discount and support schemes for University staff can be found on the University's Travel pages.

The two main bus companies in the city are Oxford Bus Company and Stagecoach. Check with the driver if your ticket or pass can be used interchangeably for journeys with both companies.


All Stagecoach and Oxford Bus Company buses are wheelchair accessible. Some of the Oxford Tube and Airport coaches are as well, although they may only have room for one wheelchair at a time. Please see Oxford City Council's Disability and Accessibility webpages for more general information on accessible transport services.

Most buses have designated space for buggies or strollers. You may need to give up the space if a wheelchair user gets on the bus. The driver may ask you to fold your buggy if the bus is particularly full.

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