Moving to Oxford

Oxford may be world-famous because of the University, but it is also one of the UK's fastest growing and most ethnically diverse cities according to the 2011 Census. Over 20% of the adult population is enrolled in full-time education, with one-third of these students coming from overseas.


It is important to arrange your accommodation before you arrive in Oxford. Whether you are considering purchase and rental, there are a wide variety of properties to choose from in different areas of the city and neighbouring towns and villages. See the section on Housing in Oxford for more information.

Proof of address for school applications

You will need proof of address within catchment, such as a signed rental agreement for a period of at least six months, in order to apply for school places. In most cases, places can be applied for six weeks prior to the required start date, however, in some cases, such as entry into the first year of primary or secondary school at the beginning of the school year in September, you may need to apply the previous autumn (fall). Those applying who enter the UK on a visa will need to submit copies of the parents' and child's visas at the time of application for school places.

Please see the Childcare and Schooling section for more information.


You should consider what items you wish to bring with you to Oxford, depending on where you will be living, what furniture and fittings will be provided, and how much storage space you will have at home or in your workplace. You will then need to arrange to transport them here, whether by land, sea or air. See general guidance on the regulations for moving your personal possessions to the UK.

If you are moving to the UK from outside the European Union, you will need to obtain a Transfer of Residency reference number by completing the form TOR01. Your removal or shipping company will ask you for this reference number so they can arrange for your possessions to clear UK customs.

The University operates a discretionary Relocation Scheme that may be available to new staff moving from overseas, although this cannot be guaranteed for everyone.

Your eligibility for this scheme will depend on a variety of circumstances, including the availability of funding from your department or grant provider. Your Departmental Administrator will be able to give you more details. If your relocation allowance is approved, the University can put you in touch with its preferred suppliers for a quote or you may use a third party provider. 

Getting to Oxford

If you are coming from abroad, the closest international airports with frequent transport links to Oxford are located in London.  

The University has a dedicated How to get to Oxford page that will help you find your way here.

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