If you are planning to move to the UK, you may have to apply for a visa.


The University of Oxford sponsors more visas for international staff than any other UK University. It has a dedicated Staff Immigration Team who offer guidance and assistance with visa applications for those employed by and visiting the University.

Your employing department/college, with assistance from the Staff Immigration Team, will advise which visa route is appropriate and the Staff Immigration Team will assist you as much as possible with your application, and advise on what records you and your employer will need to keep while you are here. 


The Student Immigration Team and college administrators will provide guidance on obtaining the appropriate student visa, depending on the type and duration of your course. They can also assist with visa renewals and applications for dependants, and advise on eligibility for other types of visa if you plan to work in the UK after completing your course.

On arrival

When entering the UK on a visa for the first time, you will be issued with a temporary vignette in your passport, valid for 30 days. You will need to collect your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) from a designated Post Office branch, normally on St Aldates in the city centre. Visa holders from a small number of countries are required to register with the local police. If you have been told to do this, you should make an appointment to attend the Police Station, also on St Aldates.

It is important that visa holders are aware of and comply with the conditions of their visa (e.g. travel restrictions, right to work, and recourse to public funds). The University's immigration teams hold regular briefings to keep you up to date with any changes in visa regulations and reporting requirements.

Right to work checks

As part of normal pre-employment screening, you will be asked to present original documents to establish your right to work in the UK before any work commences [please note that copies cannot be accepted]. This check applies to anyone starting new employment in the UK, whether or not they require a visa, and includes any part-time employment for students. The checks must be carried out by your new employer on or before your first working day. If you presented your vignette as part of your right to work check, your employer will need to see your BRP before the vignette expires.