If you decide you would like to bring your car to the UK, or plan to buy one, it would be useful to read the government’s motoring in the UK website and to familiarise yourself with the Highway Code, which sets out the legal rules of the road in the UK. You will need to ensure that both you and your car are fully insured: in the UK both the car and the driver(s) who need to be covered (unlike in some countries where it is just the car itself that is covered and anyone can drive it).

If you just need a car for a short time, a rental car is a good option (Zipcar or Co-wheels are conveniently located in Oxford).

A helpful route planner can be found at the Automobile Association, normally referred to as 'the AA'. If you would like to find others with whom to carpool, you may search Oxfordshire County Council's Liftshare database which includes a group specifically for University staff.

For further information about car travel, please see the University's travel webpages.


Parking spaces in the city are very limited. In many areas, street parking is restricted to 'residents only' for some or all of the day. If you do not have a driveway or allocated parking area on or near your property, you may need a resident's parking permit which you can purchase from Oxfordshire County Council.

Driving licences

If you have a foreign driving licence, you may be able to use it to drive in the UK for a limited period before having to qualify for a UK driving licence. In certain cases, you may be able to exchange your existing licence for a UK licence. For guidance, please consult the UK government website on driving licences.

Seatbelts and car seats

It is compulsory for the driver and all passengers to use a seatbelt or suitable safety restraint. Children are required by UK law to be in a car seat when travelling by car until they reach the age of 12 or a height of 135cm, whichever comes first. The type of car seat required depends on the height and/or weight of the child. Car seats are sold in many department stores throughout Oxford. If purchasing a seat second-hand or online, please ensure that it complies with UK car seat requirements to ensure the safety of your child. Booster seats sold after February 2017 are suitable only for children over 125cm or weighing over 22kg, although previous models of booster seats may still be used.

If you are travelling by a licensed taxi or minicab, the above regulations do not apply. Children under the age of 3 must travel in a rear seat (any seat behind the driver) and children over the age of 3 may travel without a car seat if an adult seat belt is worn.

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